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Harbinger is a Canadian-owned and global focused professional consulting organization committed to guiding our clients, their leaders and employees through successful IT, ERP and Business Transformation initiatives. As a client-focused organization, we operate as members of your team, to provide cost-effective support as you fulfill your needs and aspirations.


Your organization is special, but very few are unique. Take advantage of that reality. Learn from those who came before you. We leverage industry knowledge and best practice while keeping what makes you special in mind.


Harbinger’s wealth of knowledge covers the people side of change for your IT or business transformations.

What we can provide for you

Outside business expertise and emotional intelligence as it applies to the people side of project initiatives

Query and consultation on risks, and provide solutions to your problem; guiding the change in the most efficient or effective manner

Tools and proven methodologies for navigating change

Knowledge and guidance to increase the likelihood of achieving change related business benefits

Guidance to reduce the negative impact that change has on your organization, your culture, your people, and your ability to fulfill your vision and mission

Support for your leadership, throughout the change process

Management Consulting


Helping businesses improve their performance and grow, by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.


We do this by placing the right people with the right skills at the right time. Our consulting team members are experienced in a variety of industries and environments but have fresh outlooks on how to get things done.

Organizational Change Management (the People Side of Change)

Everyone likes change. No-one likes to change.


Whether you’re implementing a minor process change or undertaking major business transformation, your team will need help to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. We will query, absorb and synthesize the data to provide ideas and recommendations for strategies and tactics to steer the course or your change with as little turbulence as possible.


The goal of organizational change management is to enable the right strategy, awareness, tactics, and communications, so your organization is better equipped to accept the change, as well as willing and able to adapt to it.

We support your change through:

Change Maturity and Readiness Assessment

How ready are your people for Change? Is your organization equipped to support employees when they are asked to adapt to changes? Are your leaders prepared to support and lead the changes? We can help determine the level of your organizations change readiness. We will also advise what you can do to support change initiatives, and what strategies can be employed.

Communication Planning

Knowing what information to share, with whom and when is a key success factor for any change. Planning and drafting the right communications are critical to establishing the right level of awareness and buy-in for your change. We will help you plan, draft and decide on the best delivery medium and timing for your change.

Awareness Campaigns

Building influence for your change is a key first step in establishing new desired behaviours. Awareness of the change needs to include not only the what, but also the why otherwise desire for the change will be impacted. We will work with you to develop and implement the correct awareness campaigns that are appropriate for each of your stakeholder groups supporting your change with the right message at the right time.

Building Knowledge

You have put a lot of effort into communicating the changes, which is awesome! But do your people know how to do things the new way? Are they able? We will help you plan for and create the right training provide your people the tools and skills they need to succeed and thrive in the new environment.

Change Reinforcement

It is human nature to revert to old ways of doing things – even when we know it is wrong or less efficient. You have invested in building awareness and desire. You have ensured your people have the knowledge and tools so they are able to thrive. But have you considered the need to reinforce these new behaviours and skills? Are you getting a full return on your change investment? We are Reinforcement experts! Let us help you get the most out of your change but supporting you and your employees with the necessary follow-up, learning, and course-corrections so to embed the new skills and behaviours.

Training and Learning

Did you know you can set up your employees for success by offering the right training delivery expertise?


We offer train-the-trainer as well as comprehensive training delivery services. Develop the presentation skills of your internal training staff with our expert training techniques or let us train your people. We provide training consultants with the presentation and teaching skills required to deliver top-quality classroom or virtual instruction. Our trainers will ensure that their training delivery aligns with original change management objectives, training plans, and instructional design intentions.


Harbinger offers a broad range of Training and Learning services including:

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Instructional Design Workshops and co-design learning and engagement
  • Training delivery and deployment

Instructional Design

We are passionate about delivering learning and development solutions to elevate your organization’s strengths, develop talent, train leadership, and manage change. We partner with you to provide or supplement the talent required to achieve project success—with high quality, creative adult learning solutions. Our instructional designers are selected for their ability to develop the best programs and learning collateral for your learner aptitudes, budgets, and timelines. We have professional Instructional Designers to support the following:  

  • Learning Strategy and Architecture
  • IT/Systems learning development
  • eLearning course development

Project Health Check

Project health-check is a reflective learning exercise. It is a snapshot of the status of a project to identify what is going well and where to make improvements or changes. The health-checks purpose is to gain an independent assessment of how the project is doing in relation to the team, project objectives, and overall deliverables.

People and Culture Solutions

Leadership Development and Coaching

Executive Coaching

Employee Engagement